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Morristown, New Jersey, Family Law Firm Overview

Experienced Litigators and Problem Solvers

The attorneys at Pallarino & Bogan, L.LP., are talented litigators, negotiators and advocates. With approximately 98% of divorce cases settling before trial in New Jersey, it is important that your family law attorney is not only a force in the courtroom, but also a creative thinker and savvy negotiator. Part of being a great litigator is knowing when to settle and part of being a great negotiator is knowing when to litigate. We will help you navigate this process and choose the best direction for your case in the following family law practice areas:

  • Divorce: We address all the issues related to your divorce case like alimony and child support, child custody and parenting time, equitable distribution (division of assets and debts), life insurance and tax issues.
  • Mediation: We provide mediation services and try to assist parties in resolving their family law dispute. We also represent individual clients who are participating in the mediation process (with another mediator).
  • Modification of alimony and child support: When you cannot pay your alimony and child support or other financial obligations to your former spouse due to a significant change in circumstances (job loss or disability), we can help you to apply to the court for help. We can also represent you if your former spouse is not fulfilling his or her financial obligations to you by seeking the court’s help in enforcing your agreement or court order.
  • Interstate relocation and support: If you are seeking to relocate out of state with your children or are seeking to prevent your former spouse from leaving the state with your children, we can help.
  • Domestic violence: If you are the victim of abuse (verbal, emotional, and/or physical), harassment, assault or other forms of domestic violence, we will represent you in obtaining a restraining order for your protection. If you have been falsely accused of committing an act of domestic violence, we will defend you and seek to have any restraints dismissed.
  • Dissolution of civil unions: We represent partners who are seeking to dissolve their civil unions. There are unique considerations in these cases because while New Jersey law treats a dissolution of civil unions the same as a divorce case, due to the federal government’s failure to recognize civil unions, there are different considerations pertaining to taxation and retirement benefits that must be addressed.
  • Prenuptial agreements: We advise couples wanting to decide distribution, support, and custody issues before the wedding, with great sensitivity to your situation.
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