Alternative Dispute Resolution

Experienced Mediators in Morristown, New Jersey

An Alternative to a Divorce Trial

There is often a better way to settle a divorce than litigation. Mediation offers an alternative to the traditional courtroom battle that is cost effective, less contentious, and usually much faster than a divorce trial.

The lawyers at Pallarino & Bogan, L.L.P., have more than 45 combined years of experience in divorce and family law, including mediation. We can help find a better way to solve the problems surrounding your divorce case.

The Mediation Process

Mediation is more informal than court proceedings. In this alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process, a mediator facilitates discussion between the parties and assists them in reaching decisions on disputed issues in their family law matter.

Mediation is an option that is also available to assist you in resolving problems that may arise after your divorce. These post judgment issues may include contribution to a child’s college education expenses, modification of support or changes to a parenting plan.

Although you still should have legal representation during mediation to protect your interests, this process allows you to have control over your divorce settlement. You are always better off making decisions that impact you and your family rather than having these very personal issues decided by a judge.

Excellent Mediation Services

Michael Pallarino, who specializes in mediation, has 28 years of experience. Michael:

  • Is a mediator trained to facilitate your divorce mediation. Michael is regularly appointed by judges in family courts throughout northern New Jersey to assist parties in resolving the economic issues in their case.
  • Is on New Jersey’s approved roster of Certified Economic Mediators. Between this certification and his wealth of experience, Michael is proficient with both economic issues and issues affecting children.
  • Is connected with many economic experts to help in resolving economically complex cases.
  • Michael Pallarino and Robin Bogan also accept private mediation cases. Our attorneys help private parties resolve their alimony and child support, parenting time and child custody, and many other divorce related issues through mediation.

A big fear people have is not knowing what to expect from an alternative dispute resolution proceeding. We make sure you know about the process and what to expect, so you can make appropriate decisions and have control over your family law case. Contact us in Morris County for divorce mediation. Call our Morristown, New Jersey office, or contact us online.